Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clara of the Sea

The problem is my protagonist, Clara. Clara has been missing a last name since I started writing her story. I figured it would come to me, somewhere in the text and then I would just have to go back and fill it in where ever it seemed necessary. I'm pages away from finishing this book and still no name.

I've thought of a fake name for her, one that her mother uses when she puts her on TV. But her own true surname still alludes me. I'm thinking it has something to do with the sea.

Clara's "TV" Name is Ariel Marina. Clara's mom isn't all that original, she just wants her daughter's name to sound pretty and exotic and be reminiscent of mermaids.

Clara's real name is harder for me. I want it to be about the ocean, but not obviously so. I'm thinking Valtameri - but that doesn't sound right with Clara. Clara Valtameri. Nope. Try again. How about Clara Karagatan. That might work. Okyanas. Clara Okyanas? Mor? Clara Mor. Unfortunately the o has a tent over it and I don't know the correct keystroke to make that work, so maybe that's not the choice for me. Clara Moore. Mor is Welsh, Farraige is Irish.

You can see the problem, there are too many possibilities! It has to have a ring to it, and it has to connect her to the sea. I'll be at this all day!