Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Cheer and other odments

The differences between us were brought home to me this week. I was driving to a friend's house about 2 miles from home. The dirt roads were snow covered and kind of icy and I had to slow down to take a sharp turn up the hill to my friends drive. Of course I got about half way up the hill and couldn't get traction. I started to back down the hill and ended up in the snowbank at the side of the road.

Understand that this wasn't completely unexpected when I say the kids and I didn't get upset. Although the boys did say that if I had followed their directions I wouldn't have gotten stuck in the snowbank! I pulled out the essential cellphone and called my friend. I wasn't far from the house and they were on their way in a moment.

Now here is the amazing part. My friend was tromping down the road with a scarf on her head, the snow falling down and the biggest smile on her face. Not far behind was one of her sons - smiling as broadly. Not long after was the other son and the dad (my friend's husband) in his truck. Every one of them was delighted, absolutely thrilled to be summoned out of their house into the cold. Getting me out of the bank and up the drive (which they eventually did) could have been the highlight of their holidays judging by the looks on their faces. They joked and laughed and slid around having a grand ole time.

When I asked by friend about it later she said they were happy to rescue us. It was a break in their routine and getting us in out of the snow made them feel good.

If I was greeted by smiles like that every time I got into a pickle out here in the country I'd start driving off the road on purpose. I may have made them feel good but they made me feel like the Queen of England.