Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I just wasted a whole day doing the taxes. Okay, maybe not the whole day, but still. And I get to the end, and think Good, I'm DONE. and I realize there's a mistake. And when I fix that mistake I lose two-thirds of our refund. Bummer.

I hate doing the taxes. It's numbers. I got decent grades in math when I was in college - back when I still had something of a brain. But now they just frustrate me. They don't cooperate. Words I can usually get to do my bidding, and if not, I can fudge it. There is no fudge factor with numbers. They're either right, or they're not. And usually it's not. They get my hopes up, and then dash them on the rocks at the bottom of a thousand foot cliff.

Words are a little more forgiving. If you forget a word, like say 'little,' there are substitutions: tiny, small, diminutive and even 'not big' will do in a pinch. There's no substitute for eight. Oh you could say 4 + 4, but try marking a price tag (4+4)9.50. I'm sorry the shop would lose more than just my business.

I left one diminutive 1 out of one of the figures on my taxes. I put it back in, and I'm blue.

By the way, the other thing you can do with words - is make them up. Try making up a number and see where that gets you.  Floop. That's my new word for the day.