Monday, March 22, 2010

It's all in the Title - Free-for-aller and Monday Ticker

Very little Progress this Monday. I'm up to 21,306. In my own defense I want to say that I was working on a synopsis and contest entry essay last week, as well as Mermaid Girls.

Speaking of Mermaid Girls here is The Infamous List of Titles:

Water Baby
Gasping for Air
Plenty of Fish
Swim Fare
Out of the ordinary
Clara Mia
Dive Right In
Skin Deep
Head above Water
sink or Swim
Dancing Downstream
Different Strokes
Back Stroking
Swim Meet
Dear Johnny
Out of the Blue
Swim Practice
Johnny Be Good
In the Swim
Net Worth
Beneath the Surface
All that Glitters
HIdden Treasure
A different Magic
The Clara Charm
The Clara Quest
Sea Spells
Land Locket
Out of the Ocean
Heraldy and the Purple reality
Gleam a little Gleam
Deram A little Gleam
Sweet Gleems
Clara Mia Mine
Glimmer Girls
Rise and shine
Sparkle and Shine
Mermaid Sightings
More Than Mermaids
Gleam Girls
Fish Sticks
Tower of Mabble
Fish Stems
Flower of Mabble

I'll start narrowing it down tomorrow! Unless someone else wants to jump in and play!