Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm loving the titles coming in on my last post. Hope to see some more come in.  But while we're waiting I wanted to say something about perception.

My dogs are obnoxious. They bark at everyone that goes by, if they know them or not. It irritates me, not because of the noise, but because I think it makes me a bad neighbor.

I have a neighbor with horses. Heck I have lots of neighbors with horses. One particular man drives his draft horses past on a regular basis. I used to tell him to call me before he came past my house and I'd bring the dogs in. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"You're dogs are helping me to make the horses bomb proof." ( a bomb proof horse is trained to resist it's instincts to run when its afraid. They are steady, predictable and win more driving competitions than horses who aren't.) (do I have my it's (its) mixed up?)

So there you have it. My perception is that my dogs are a pain to my neighbors.

His perception is that it's handy to have obnoxious dog up the road because it helps him train his horses.

I have no idea what the other neighbors think of us. Probably they aren't to worried about our dogs. They have their own quirks and probably think we think they are obnoxious. Luckily we live in the country so we aren't on top of each other, and really, I have the best neighbors in the world.