Friday, September 12, 2008

Early Fall

Well it's turning cold again and the leaves are starting to change color in earnest.  This morning I went out to get the paper a little later than usual.  I think when I wrote you last time the sun hadn't come up over the hill yet.  Well today, when I rounded the apple tree and looked up at the hill the sun was just starting to hit the tops of the trees.  The rest of the hill was still in shadow and it was if the hill was topped with gold.
I ran inside to get my camera and when I got back the sun had moved so I was worried it wasn't as pretty anymore.  But I took a quick look at the photo and even I'm impressed!

Our new kitties went to the Vet yesterday.  (Did I tell you that the farmer down the road handed kittens to my kids?  That's all it took, of course.  Smart man.  Well maybe not so smart as he has about 50 cats and doesn't bother getting them fixed!)

Anyway the kitties names are Azul and Chili Pepper.  They are only about 5 weeks old according to the Vet.  Luckily they are eating hard food and doing fine.  Both are blue eyed and have long black and white coats.  It looks as if Chili may develop tiger stripes as he matures.

Well it's supposed to freeze tonight so I'd better go cover the pumpkins, tomatoes and peppers or they'll go squishy overnight.