Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Party Time! The first draft is done

Soooo, the first, and very rough, draft of California Schemin' is done. I've danced, I've hollered, I've bragged. I'm feeling pretty good about my second novel being finished less than a year after my first was contracted. Yeah me!

I figure I can now have a two week vacation from writing. I've earned it, and God knows my house looks as though seven Tasmanian devils live there. There is PLENTY to do. If I remember correctly I finished late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Really early Monday morning. Today is Wednesday. And what am I thinking about? The half finished third novel that's waiting for me. AM I NUTS?

It is not time to start writing again. My Brain needs a rest. Right?

Apparently not. Tank and Maggie are calling to me. Wild plot twists have been popping into my head. So maybe what I need a rest from is CA Schemin' not writing. Maybe I can let myself write a little bit of T&M while waiting to edit CS. I'm actually feeling a little excited about getting back to The double murder at a rest stop!