Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time Management in the Mad House

I'll just start out by saying that time and I are not on a speaking basis.  It slips away from me. Disappears.  Is willfully disobedient.  More so if my kids are home.

So today, instead of re-reading a good portion of my novel I took two online seminars that both turned out to be useless.  I ferried my oldest daughter to play practice and then back again.  Picked up a good friend and took her to get her car - this is not wasted time, good deeds are exempt from the time waster rule.  I spent an hour at the playground with my youngest and her friend.  I placed an order for stuff I don't really need.

My book sits open to chapter 5.  Issues of continuity, disappearing characters and mysterious name changes unaddressed. 

The teachers are doing professional development.  Really I wish they wouldn't.  I'm already creative enough with my time.  I don't need my kids helping me.