Thursday, October 30, 2008

Standards of Productivity

Finally, after another bout with the flu, and a number of other time sucking life issues, my wip (work in progress) has been line edited from beginning to end and all issues of continuity resolved.  Now it's all about getting those changes into the computer.

I want to hold myself to a higher standard of productivity.  I should be able to write five pages of new text every day.  That's easy, right?  Just sit your hiney down at the computer and write.  Wrong.  Life gets in the way.  As hard as I tried, I could not write one page when I felt like I needed to puke all the time.  Likewise when my kids are puking.  Just doesn't work.  Can't write while making a living, driving the car, having tea with friends or other life enhancing activities.

Hence the photo.  This is my lovely family playing flag football.  Notice the range of clothing - shorts and T-shirt at one end.  Full winter gear at the other! I'm glad I didn't miss this game.  We're at the tail end of fall and heading into winter here in Vermont.  Not many days like this one left.  You also can't write while taking photos.  But that's OK.  I write better under deadline anyway.