Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter, and the general tardiness of being

It would be great if I could claim the unbearable lightness of being, but unfortunately it's just poor time management skills. It's been, what? Two weeks since I updated my blog. I will be better I promise! Although as it appears that few people, if anyone actually read this, I may be just writing to myself. In which case no apology is needed. I already forgave myself.

Tomorrow, perhaps if I'm not overwhelmed and remember in the morning, I will post a picture of frost. You know those poems we read in grade school? Jack Frost painting on the window? Living most of my life in California I never really paid much attention. Maybe as a child living in British Columbia. But maybe not, too. Here in Vermont, where old houses reign and storm windows are the norm, frost is abundant. A window in the upstairs hall may not be clear again until spring comes in June. That is not an exaggeration.

The thing is, the reason people write about frosted windows, that they are really very beautiful. This morning, as the sun was rising that one window caught my eye. I should have run downstairs and grabbed my camera, but I thought it would be even better when the sun was up over the hill and shining on that window. Of course I got busy and didn't take the picture.

Tomorrow's another day.