Friday, November 21, 2008


As it turns out, frost is not that easy to photo. The flash reflects back into the camera (duh!), and it's hard to get a sharp focus. Maybe I should have turned on the light in the hall - but I was trying to get the sunrise through the window. Well I have all winter to try and get it right!
Good news today, I was notified that my synopsis for moonlighting in vermont came in second in it's category (Romantic Elements) in the MERWA synopsis contest. Yeah! That's something anyway. This came the day before I was rejected by my all time dream agent. It was a very nice rejection, with an open door to submit another time, but it was still disappointing. I dared to dream. Well onward and upward, I will continue to submit moonlighting while I work on Tank and Maggie meet the mob.
Happy Thanksgiving all!